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Start by making your account and profile and connect to the corporate or startup that you want to get in touch or collaborate with. 

Tell them why your business matches theirs, what you can offer them and then wait and see if the match is mutual!





Other corporate startup initiatives


Welcome to the corporate launchpad, the online platform for connecting and sharing between corporates and startups. The corporate launchpad is the place to go if you want to learn more about valuable collaborations between startups and corporates in the Netherlands or if you are looking for a connection to a startup or corporate for your own business.

  • Register and create a profile of your corporate or startup
  • Connect with each other via the platform
  • Share your experiences on corporate/startup collaboration in showcases
  • Share your news of views in messages directly on our message board
  • Learn on tools and services that can help you get started
  • Connect with each other via the platform 

 Here is where corporates and startups connect 

Next to the Corporate Launchpad, other corporate-startup initiatives are set up to bring both worlds closer together and let them connect in a fun way. These are some of the initiatives:

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